Welcome to FITPOS - a tailored fitness program designed specifically to support the patients of Mr Niruben Rajasagaram of the Victorian Specialist Surgery & Weightloss Centre after surgery to achieve their weight loss goals.

Mr Niruben Rajasagaram has specifically chosen the internationally acclaimed fitness trainer Lesley Maxwell to develop, tailor and deliver to his patients her very successful FITPOS (Fitness Post Surgery) exercise program. Over the last 20 years, Lesley has helped thousands of people achieve their fitness and weight loss dreams and go on to live happy and healthy lives in their new bodies.

FITPOS has been designed to take you from post-surgery recovery to a fit and healthy body through a series of graduations. The FITPOS exercise program works hand in hand with your weight loss surgery to introduce your body to shedding fat and building lean muscle and strength in a safe and supportive manner.



Mr Niruben Rajasagaram will provide you with some information regarding your initial post-surgery recovery period, he’ll outline the exact timeline that you can move to your starter FITPOS program.

(body weight and bands)

You’ll start learning some foundation movements with light exercises using just your body weight and some bands. Lesley provides up to 12 weeks of progressive exercises in this level and guides you to when you can graduate to your Intermediate level.

(basic weights)

You’ve graduated to some basic weights

to start strengthening and elongating your muscles, strengthen your bones and allow your body to burn fat beyond your exercise times. You’ll spend between 4 and 12 weeks at this intermediate level. Lesley will guide you as to when you should graduate to the next level.

(sculpt, shape and strength)

You‘ve graduated to the level where you’ll see amazing changes, this is all about sculpting and shaping your new body whilst continuing to increase your strength, stamina and overall well-being.