‘Fit and sexy at 40, 50 & 60 is not just a dream, it’s totally achievable’

In my programs I share my secrets to how at 64 I'm fitter, healthier, stronger, sexier and younger looking than when I was in my 40's and you can achieve this too!


Access to Home Sculpt to assist with everyone that is in lockdown to ensure you remain as healthy as possible during this terrible ordeal. Lesley provides a morning and afternoon workout session designed to complement each other and keep our bodies moving whilst in a confined space along with making our bodies and health stronger. She also has included a daily live workout session that is streamed to all participants so that you truly do have daily access to a personal trainer. Home Sculpt is designed not only as a workout for the body but to offer inclusion, engagement and community support to everyone either in self or forced isolation.

Access to Gym Sculpt to get serious about shaping the body you want. Lesley updates Gym Sculpt monthly to include new exercises delivered in split routines in the gym to keep your body and your mind stimulated, target particular areas of your body and keep you achieving amazing results as you move forward to your ultimate goal. Lesley was crowned world champion body sculpting in New York and has maintained her status winning over 30 international titles over the last 15 years using her unique gym sculpt program. All exercises are accompanied by demonstration videos that cater for gym beginners through to pro's at all ages. Basically Lesley is your Personal Trainer in your pocket while you are doing your gym sessions. You also get access to the BYSB Tribe that are all completing the same sessions as you on the set scheduled days in the month. Interaction within the BYSB Tribe is amazing and you have direct access to Lesley there.

Access to the BYSB Program where Lesley takes you beyond the training and the food to help you achieve 'Bringing Your Sexy Back' in just 90 Days. The BYSB program also includes a fully guided video based exercise program that can be done without the need for a gym membership. Being sexy at any age is getting control of how you feel and really showing your sensual and confident side and ultimately feeling amazing about yourself.

Access to the BYSB Recipe Library, 144 clean eating yet absolutely delicious recipes designed and chosen by Lesley to ensure that you remain nourished, with enough energy to train but still keep your food desires completely satisfied. These recipes support your goals on the Gym Sculpt Program as well as the 90 Day BYSB Program.