The Six Week Challenge is an intense 6 week training and eating program tailored exactly to your needs under the personal guidance of Lesley Maxwell. Utilize Lesley's extensive experience that she has developed over 15 years of working with clients  and in competitions which led her to winning multiple international bodysculpting titles. 


  • An initial one on one video call with Lesley where she'll work with you to develop a fully tailored training program for you and your goals.
  • Check-ins throughout the six weeks to ensure you are on track and being held accountable to your goal.
  • Access to Lesley's video exercise library that contains videos in which Lesley shows you the gold standard technique for every exercise you'll do within the shred program.
  • Access to the Easy Clean Eating Guide and Lesley's personal nutritional guidance, as well as meal plans designed by a nutritionist ( these last are only available for women).
  • Access to the exclusive Facebook group 'The Tribe' where you will meet people going through their fitness journeys just like you, keep each other motivated and accountable and have additional direct access to Lesley.

What are you waiting for??