• Monthly Rotation Session that get real results from home

    A monthly training schedule (new focus and new sessions added each month) Including a beginner program for those just starting and a split routine for a more challenging workout. Also included a Band workout for when you are on the go and have virtually no equipment. All you need is yourself and some exercise bands!

  • Join The Tribe Members in motivating each other and share results

    Exclusive access to Lesley Maxwell Memberships with direct access to Lesley and where you can interact with other Members that are doing the same sessions as you on the same day, motivate each other and share results.

  • Video Guided Sessions From Beginner to Advanced

    Video guided sessions covering every experience level from Beginner with a full body routine through to Advanced split level routines.

What's in LIFT Sculpt at Home?

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    • Welcome to your Home Workouts!

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    Band Workout

    • Band Session Plan

    • Band Workout

  • 3

    June Workout

    • Home Session Plan

    • Beginners Routine (Most Basic - For Little or No Experience)

    • June Routine

  • 4


    • Stretching

    • Calf Stretch

    • Cat & Cow Pose

    • Chest Stretch

    • Child Pose

    • Cobra Stretch

    • Full Body Twist

    • Glute Stretch

    • Lower Back Rotations

    • Lying Hamstring Stretch

    • Pigeon Pose

    • Quad Stretch

    • Seated Pigeon Pose

    • Shoulder Stretch

    • Standing Hamstring Stretch

    • Triceps Stretch

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